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August - Rejuvasea Hydrating Facial - $35 (50% off)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Summer sun can really do a number on your skin making it look dull, dry and ....OLDER! Fight back with the Rejuvasea Hydrating Facial. After double cleansing the face, a cherry enzyme with a mandelic acid boost is massaged into the skin and then removed with warm towels.  A relaxing esthetician's massage follows. Next, the face is generously spritzed with Rejuvasea Sea Mist and a coating of Rejuvasea Cellular Repair Eye Cream is gently applied to the eye area.  Rejuvasea's Revitalizing Firming Serum is  applied and covered with Rejuvasea's Replenish Cellular Repair Cream. After 8  minutes more Rejuvasea Sea Mist  and the Ultrasonic Spatula (see technology) are used to penetrate the mask further.  Any remaining product is tissued off.  10 minutes under the LED panel and your good to go.  The results? Gorgeous!                                                                                                                                                                                  

New Add On Option - $15

Korean Rubber Facial Masks in Lavender, Pearl, Collagen, Vitamin and Cooking (Tea Tree)

I used one on a client w/acne Saturday and this morning when I asked her how her skin was feeling she wrote, "Feels wonderful, very smooth and soft. Looks improved by leaps and bounds.  Skin tone has evened out and less red."





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