RejuvaFacial Featuring RejuvaSea                                                             

Designed specifically to restore moisture to the skin and to fight the signs of aging. This treatment provides intense hydration and HIGH ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Antioxidant protection.  Plumped with moisture, the face looks fuller.  The skin's balance is restored.


RejuvaFacial - 60 min.                                                                                      $75


The skin is cleansed with Refine Exfoliating Cleanser which is then removed with the Ultrasonic Spatula.


To enhance skin's smoothness manual micro dermabrasion is performed with the DermaFile.


Clary Sage and Lavendar massage oil is applied, the blinds are drawn and the aesthetician's massage is performed to soothing classical music. The oil is then removed with warm towels.


Rebalance Hydrating Sea Mist is used to prep the skin for the next step.


Replenish Repair Cellular Eye Cream is applied to the eye area.  The eyes are then covered with pads.


A mask formulated from Revitalize Firming Serum and Replenish Cellular Repair Cream is applied to the entire face and neck area. An electroporation hand piece is used to penetrate the product deeper into the skin.


Extractions are performed if necessary.


Rebalance Hydrating Sea Mist is used to restore the skin's PH.


The skin is bathed in soothing red LED.


Revitalize Firming Serum, Results Instant Eye Revivier and HALO Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 provide the finishing touch.





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