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I have been telling my clients about the Illumask for acne for some time now and I've always been surprised that no one has ever heard of it.  And no wonder, I've never seen any advertising for it anywhere.  Which is odd because this 30 use blue LED mask for acne really works.  In fact, according to New Beauty Magazine in it's "Beauty Game Changers" section, it has received FDA clearance allowing it to claim it's anti-acne benefits. It's sold at Walmart, Ulta, and Target for $30.  Use it once a day for 30 days, then buy a new one. The blue LED kills the bacteria that causes acne. Proper skin care including daily cleansing, toning, gentle exfoliation, a light moisturizer and sunscreen, daily use of the Illumask, and a monthly visit to your esthetician for a deeper cleaning and exfoliation should keep mild to moderate acne in check.




The FDA has approved Galderma Laboratories' new rosacea cream, Soolantra (ivermectin).  It seems to work on the inflammed lesions of the skin condition.  Tests have shown it more effective than the current

go to cream Metronidazole 0.75%.  Sufferers have seen relief in as little as two weeks with Soolantra.



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