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The LaLonde Aesthetics sign. The logo is a white hibiscus on a magenta background. Behind the sign is a palm tree trunk and lush foliage.
The LaLonde Aesthetics sign. The logo is a white hibiscus on a magenta background. Behind the sign is a palm tree trunk and lush foliage.

This is my absolute favorite picture of me, taken by my son, Nick.  I am 53 years old in this pic, 57 now.  The reviews I write are based on how products work for me...a woman of a certain age.  As most beauty products, especially make-up, are made with younger women in mind, all you young ladies can assume that if it works for me, at 57, it will work for you.  Women my own age, I hope these reviews help you choose products that accentuate your beauty and help you feel confident that you are putting your best face forward!




Like...This Hikari "Merlot" lip gloss was too dark a color for me, but I layered it with my favorite Sally's 99 cent, pink gloss and it looked great!




Did not like... Used this Dimitri James, SKINN, Luxe waterproof eyeliner in Navy Seal to tight line my eyes.  It was totally gone in under an hour. 




Love - Batiste Dry Shampoo  This is the first dry shampoo I have liked. My hair was in need of a washing last night, big time! I sprayed the Batiste into the roots, massaged it through, brushed it out, and went to bed.  In the morning my hair looked clean, really.  Like I had washed it the night before.  Even the bangs!  Amazing product!






Love this duo.  Lord and Berry's "Nude" lip liner and Sally's lip gloss in a kind of peachy bronze.  Wish I could tell you the exact color, but the website has color names and the tube has several different #'s but no names. I guess I shouldn't complain since it's only 99 cents!





Like quite a bit...Peter Lamas Detoxifying Citrus C Facial Cleanser - 4 oz. $27 at Peter  This product cleansed my face without leaving it feeling dry and it didn't bother my eyes. A little goes a very long way. A pea sized amount was more than enough to wash my face and neck.







Didn't Like...Dr. Brandts Pores No More Cleanser - 3.5 oz $35 at Sephora. This product burned my eyes just rinsing it off.  The directions say: "Apply on damp skin to form a rich lather. Rinse well with warm water.  Avoid eyes."  So how do you rinse rich lather off your face and avoid your eyes?







Like, except...Orogold 24K Moisturizing Day Cream - 2oz. $118 on Amazon.  I really liked the way this went on and smelled. However, at $1.96 an application for just one product it's way out of my price range.










Like..quite a bit.  Wen's Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner - 32 fl. oz. $32. This is the first Wen product I've ever tried.  When I saw that it was a cleansing conditioner I was all set to have my hair be lank and greasy on day 2, but I was pleasantly surprised! The directions say to use 20-30+ pumps...yikes that seemed like a lot!  I did 20 which saturated my hair nicely, combed it through and then had to kill 10 minutes in the shower.  Definitely not my favorite part of the process.  It seemed to rinse out well and when I dried my hair it did look clean. The big test for me is always the second day because I wash my hair every other day. Surprisingly, my hair still looked clean on the second day. Yay! I probably wouldn't use it every time because of the 10 minute wait time, but I could definitely see myself using it once or twice a month just to give my hair a break from regular shampoo.





Like...sort of.  Supersmile Quikee w/Calprox - .17 oz $18 - Quikee's claim to fame is that it "Provides on-the-go whitening to remove stains, brighten teeth and freshen breath when you don't have time to brush." You put a dab on your teeth and spread it around w/your tongue. Calprox "dissolves the thin layer of protein that forms on the surface of teeth." Which is what all the Yuck seems to cling to.  While it did make my teeth feel cleaner, it was hard to tell if they were any whiter.  It definitely didn't feel like my breath was any fresher as it gave me that sour mouth after taste that many sweetener's (including sugar) do.





Really Liked.  It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil - Full size $24.  This one shade does all brow pencil went on smoothly and the little brush on the opposite end did help get all the hairs going the same way. For some reason, I could not get my left eyebrow as dark as my right, but I'm assuming that's user error.  Now if I could just find where I put it...





Like.  For what it does, it works well enough, no better or worse than most. It helps fill in pores and fine lines so that your make up goes on smoother. A very little goes a long way so, for $19.99 at Ulta, it's a good value.









Like. Skyn Icleland hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels w/Hexapeptide Technology.  Very nice product.  Felt good on. Eyes looked great when removed. Over time the Hexapeptides could improve the skin around the eyes but at $30 for 8 sets (Ulta) it would probably be cheaper to buy a good eye cream and use these for special.







Like. I like this Chella, Ivory Lace Highlighter.  I use it to help define my eyebrows by applying it directly beneath and blending it in with my finger. It looks more natural to me than using white.





So-so. This day cream by Acure with Gotu Kola* stem cell has a pleasant, fresh citrus scent. My skin still felt tight and dry after applying it so I had to put my regular moisturizer on top.  Might be great for someone with oily skin.

*Gotu Kola is used in traditional Chinese medicine.   It is reported to decrease inflammation and increase collagen production.





Yuck! Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser - I'm sorry to say this about any product, but Yuck! Smelled horrible, burned my eyes and left a greasy film on my face.  You shouldn't have to wash off your face wash!








So-so. Evelyn Iona Cosmetics makes this concealer, but you wouldn't know from the container unless you were familiar with the brand as it has absolutely no information on it other than the brand logo shown. I tried it under my eyes and wasn't impressed.  I'll stick with my Luminess X Out, Bye Bye Undereye which is still, hands down, the best under eye concealer, in my opinion.





Like. I really liked this "Apricot Glow" Mesmerizing Mineral Duo from Pixie by Petra.  It was buildable and blendable with just the right amount of shimmer.









So-so. I love the color of this NYX butter Lipstick BLS17, however, after about 2 hours I had to send my husband to the car to find a lip gloss, any lip gloss, to get rid of the chapped lip feeling it created.  Applying more just felt like when you were a kid and you licked your lips because they were chapped, which made them feel better temporarily, but worse after a few minutes. Putting lip balm underneath didn't help either so I had to use clear lip gloss on top which defeats the purpose of using a matte lipstick!





Love.  I love this "Rosebud" ultra luxury lip liner by AVON,  Somehow the color seams to go with any lipstick or gloss I pair it with!





Love.  This is my all time favorite pairing for my eyebrows, AVON's "blonde" ultra luxury brow liner and Benefit's gimme BROW in light medium. Gives me the perfect, natural looking brows.





Love, love, love... this Hydrating Lip Gloss by sally girl.  The color is great, a really pretty pink that's not childish, and it makes my lips feel hydrated.  One problem, when I went back to Sally's to buy another, they were out of this particurlar color, and when I checked online, I found you have to choose a color by name, but the name is not on the tube!





Love.   The color, Cosmopolitan 01, of this blush from Model Co is subtle, not overpowering.  After a certain age, heavy blush looks more clownish than glamorous. I like my blush to look natural and this does!









Like.    This Creamy Lip Stain by City Color goes on smoothly, although the applicator can get overloaded easily so you have to be careful. This particular color, Flirtini, is kind of a rosy pink and very pretty.  My advice, keep it freshly applied as when it wears off, it looks worn off and not just gone.





So-so. There are no usage directions on this sample size, you have to go to the website and watch a video. Kind of a hassle when all they had to put was, "Apply a medium thick coating. Allow to dry. Peel off."

The video was not helpful as it showed the demonstrater applying a very small amount which, when I tried it, wasn't enough to peel off. However, my second attempt worked and the mask did peel off.  Whether is removed impurities or not I have no way of knowing.  It might be a good exfoliator.  And, I have to admit, it was fun peeling it off!




Love.   Am loving this new Up All Night Volumizing Spray by eva-nyc.  Lots of lift and control without that gritty, gunky feel that most volumizers leave behind.











Retinoids, those anti-aging darlings, kissing cousins of Vitamin A are everywhere, and rightly so.  There's oodles of scientific research to back up their anti-aging claims.  But here's a little, muy importante, information  about Retinoids and their big guns relative absolutely need to use them at night.  Not only do they make your skin more sensitive to light ( a good sunscreen is a must ) the little darlings are, themselves, light sensitive and degrade quickly when exposed to light!  The good news is that new, daytime retinoids are being developed and there are some actually on the market already! However, in my opinion, because skin goes into repair mode while you sleep, retinoids, which work by increasing cellular turnover, are still best used at night.





Winter sun is not as strong...right?  Wrong!  Although the sun's UVB     (B = burning) rays are somewhat diminished in the winter, UVA             (A = aging) rays are not!  So don't pack away the sunscreen with the beach towels and umbrella.  And while the SPF in your foundation may be enough to get you from the car to the office/ store/ mailbox, you probably didn't put it on your ears, or your neck, or the backs of your hands!

Sunscreen goes where skin is exposed.  1/12/15W 


Everyone know the worst offenders in the war against aging: sun exposure, smoking, alchohol, stress and...sugar?  Noooooooooo!  Yes folks, sugar makes it to the top 5 worst things for your skin.  Sugar glycation is a process in which glucose attaches itself to proteins to form a nasty new molecule called advanced glycation end products (AGEs for short).  As AGEs accumulate they damage nearby proteins. The most vulnerable are ...collagen and elastin...the proteins that give your skin firmness and elasticity!   There are three types of collagen in the skin I, II, and III. Type III is the strongest and longest lasting until AGEs get ahold of it and turn it into type I which is the most fragile.  Although damaged collagen can never be repaired, new collagen is being formed all the time, albiet much slower as we age than when we were young.  Retinoids are clinically proven to stimulate collagen production and come in many forms both perscription and over the counter.  Remember, though retinoids do wonders for firmness and elasticity, they make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so sunscreen is a must.  1/12/15



According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone's website the best foods for your skin are:

  • wild salmon and other cold water fish as excellent sources of protein

  • watercress for its ability to detoxify the blood

  • tumeric for its anti-inflammatory properties

  • coconut for its medium chain triglycerides which help strengthen the skins connective tissue

  • raspberries as a rich source of Vitamin C which is key for collagen production

Oh, and he does mention that very dark chocolate protects the cardiovascular system, is neuroprotective, therapeutic to the skin, slows down the rate of sugar absorption, protects the skin from sun damage and prevents aging...YAY!

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