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New Product!



LaLonde Aesthetics is Extremely Proud to Announce Two New Products -

Armor Gel & SilverSol Tooth Gel

You can go to to read about the company and the products, but let me tell you about the products and what they did for me.  


Armor Gel is a wound care ointment that uses nano silver as its main performance ingredient. The company makes the same ointment for animals by the name of ASAP Pet Shield.  The products are identical and cost the same.  The only reason to have both is that you might not want to apply the gel from the same tube to yourself after you've put it on the dog!  That being said, my dog was chewing on his hips until he had made raw patches about two inches across. I hadn't used the Armor Gel I bought at a trade show yet so I didn't know how effective it would be, but what the heck!  I rubbed it into the wound and the first result was that the dog stopped chewing immediately. With in 3 days both patches were healing over! Unbelievable! It's been over a month now and not only is he completely healed, but he hasn't been chewing on himself at all.  Now I just have to wait to get hurt to try it on myself!


SilverSol Tooth Gel - I've been getting canker sores since I was a little girl.  If you've ever had one you know they are extremely painful and take a long time to heal.  For me, that means 2 weeks from the time I first notice one beginning to open till the day it finally closes.  A couple weeks ago, I noticed one had started, it had probably  been open for a day or so. I thought 'Well, if the Armor Gel worked on healing the dog, maybe the SilverSol would work on my canker sore." So, I brushed my teeth with it before bed time.  The next morning, the sore hadn't gotten any bigger and didn't feel as painful as it had the day before. Within three days it had closed up! About a week later, the same thing happened.  I noticed a new sore, used the SilverSol and the sore went away. To me, it is a miracle to find something that actually works at last. I have also noticed another benefit.  I have a lot of minerals in my saliva and get build up on my back, lower teeth that needs to be scraped off every time I see the dentist.  Since using the SilverSol regularly my teeth feel much smoother in that area.


Armor Gel and SilverSol Tooth Gel are available in store at LaLonde Aesthetics.

Armor Gel 4 oz. $29.99

SilverSol Tooth Gel 4 oz. $13.65


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